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Excavation Services in Central Oregon

Relson Excavation Contracting can be trusted throughout Central Oregon to complete each and every project with Quality, Honesty, and Efficiency. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured excavation company. 


We offer full excavation services! Our services include site preparation, driveway installation, grading, digging, utility trenching, water line installation, rock hammering, land clearing, erosion control, drainage systems, retaining walls, ponds, material hauling, demolition, arena installation and post hole drilling. We will deliver quality work that we know you’ll love. 

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Relson Excavation Company Services

  • Foundation excavation 

  • Utility trenching 

  • Driveway installation

  • Land clearing 

  • Grading 

  • Demolition 

  • Concrete and asphalt removal 

  • Concrete and asphalt preparation

  • Rock hammering 

  • Boulder retaining walls 

  • Drainage systems 

  • Material hauling (topsoil, fill dirt, gravel and boulders) 

  • Installing ponds and pond liners

  • Underground irrigation 

  • Post hole drilling 

  • Arenas 

  • Pasture rock removal and grading 

Foundation excavation, land clearing, grading, demolition , concrete and asphalt removal, rock hammering, boulder retaining walls, drainage systems, material hauling (topsoil, fill dirt, gravel and boulders). 

We trench for the utilities that we all depend on: Water, power, sewer, gas, cable and internet. 

New driveway installation , repairing and regrading existing driveways, concrete and asphalt preparation.

Installing ponds and pond liners, underground irrigation, horse arenas, pasture rock removal and grading.

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